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the shaft pt2.

hey there...

while on mark's topic of bands getting shafted , i think its something most
people dont realize  happens ..especially in the wonderful city of halifax...

further shafts to add to the list:

preppy relatives are probably not going to be payed for their show with thrush
hermit ...thrush hermit took all the export a cash and decent wont give them a
portion of the door...

how about the state champs still havent been payed for their pop explosion

and essen never got payed for a show with erics trip in the summer either...

anyhow i guess the reason noone hears about this stuff is because noone really
mentions how much bands get payed for playing shows ... the audience is
basicsally in the dark about alot of stuff...

in further shaft news .to answer tara's question on whgy much east doesnt cover
 any of the prizewinner crew or supper bands like the motes is because none of
us can get any gigs in this ole town... so even if they release a ton of albums
and go #1 on ckdu they still wont get gigs or any much east coverage... gotta
use that air time for julia's rain and the grace babies i guess :)


hlaifax sucks

i think im movin to kingston :)