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Re: spine on muchmusic

just a little tidbit of industry info re: mucheast.  apparantly mr. 
campbell and the bigwigs at muchmusic/city tv have come to the 
realization that he is underequiped to handle the full spectrum of east 
coast music.  

an as yet undisclosed new videographer will be making the trip from TO to 
HFX shortly and will focus solely on east coast rock music, whereas mike 
campbell will now be working solely on traditional music.  this means 
that there will be more of a balance between the two on the show, 
whereas before it was all of one or the other.  hopefully the new guy 
will have a clue about indie rock, and will be able to do a better job 
than campbell did.

my gripe:  with the wealth of TV/folm people in the maritimes (eg, mike 
clattenburg, steve comeau, michael andreas kuttner, john dunsworth, etc, 
etc ad nauseum) why on earth does MM/CTYTV feel the need to add YET 
another upper canadian to the mix?  why not go local - someone who would 
already be in touch w/ the scene.