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Re: spine on muchmusic

Michael Damian Catano <mcatano\!/is.dal.ca> noted:

}my gripe:  with the wealth of TV/folm people in the maritimes (eg, mike 
}clattenburg, steve comeau, michael andreas kuttner, john dunsworth, etc, 
}etc ad nauseum) why on earth does MM/CTYTV feel the need to add YET 
}another upper canadian to the mix?  why not go local - someone who would 
}already be in touch w/ the scene.

Because if Much had any clue, they would have started the show 2 years ago 
and put Clattenburg (or some equally qualified local, anyone you listed 
would have done very well, I just happen to know Mike better) at the helm.  
They obviously had to go through tons of management to get the show 
started at all, and then some bigwig made the casting choice, choosing 
experience over familiarity.

Did anyone ever get the impression that Mike & Mike learned anything 
about Canada from their "X-Canada Adventures" show or were they just goofs 
enjoying the travel expenses.

I have often wished that Clattenburg's affiliation with Much could have 
taken his "That Damn Cable Show" national.  The show, for those 
unfamiliar, was our equivalent of a "Wayne's World" public access cable 
show where Mike & co-hosts did goofy comedy as well as profiling local 

"Don't tickle me, daddy"-- Mike Clattenburg.