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Thrush Hermit and Sloan in the News

>From the Sunday Daily News:


    Thrush Hermit have been invited to showcase at the South By Southwest 
Conference in Austin, Texas.  The four-piece band will be performing in 
Austin as part of a Canadian showcase on Friday, March 17.
    Thrush Hermit is a pop band from Halifax which draws influences from 
the teen movie movement of the 1980s, a wide variety of music and 
different forms of transportation.
    The band consists of Ian McGettigan, bass and vocals, bla bla bla 
[band list omitted since most everybody knows].  Thrush Hermit released its 
Smart Bomb album last year on the Murderecords label.

Gee, do these folks know how to edit a press package.  Why'd they print 
that stupid line about "different forms of transportation"?
Austin sounds more like the kind of place Li'l Orton Hoggett should be 
going.  Anyway, I hope they have a good show.

And from Ian (TV Guru) Johnson's column:

Weird T.V. Moment of the Week: Reform Leader Preston Manning appearing on 
Much Music.  Preston said the music played in the Manning home is largely 
dictated by his kids.  And what do they listen to?  U2, Midnight Oil and 
(Halifax band) Sloan.  Just hearing Manning utter the word "Sloan" in his 
nasally voice was strange.

So much for lumping Sloan in with the "alternative" crowd.

"Talk about a preachy book!  Everyone's a sinner... 
oh, except this guy." -- Homer Simpson on _The Holy Bible_
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