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preppy relatives + thrush hermit \!/ oasis

saturday march 11 \!/ the oasis


sooner or later, people are going to clue in to
what an interesting musician gordon isnor is.
preppy relatives are a duo:  gordon on guitar/vox,
warren auld (horseshoes' guitarist) on drums.
gordon uses irregular timing and stop-and-start
guitar, which gives his songs a kind of conversational
rhythm.  i wish we could have heard the vocals better,
his lyrics are so good.  standout songs included
"i'm cruising you" and "90 degrees", both of which
can be heard on the prizewinners compilation tape,
as well as "jacksonville" and "i've got a kink in
my neck", which have become favorites of mine after
hearing this duo twice.  he also did a cool cover
of a popularity contest song (a band which he plays
drums in).  it was an interesting, amusing gender
juxtaposition, because emily's song, "90lb junkie",
is written from such a personal, female point of view:

you are a phenomenon
you are a phenomenal one
you betray me
i wanna be mesmerizing too
i'd be a 90-pound junkie for you

like aurora borealis
or like mount rushmore
or laura borealis
you amaze me
i wanna be mesmerizing too
i'd be a 90-pound junkie for you

you taught me things
i never wanted to know
i'll betray you
i'm ugly and it shows
you amaze me
i wanna be able to break you too
i'd be a 90-pound junkie for you

it was just very interesting to hear gordon
singing a song that self-consciously quotes
liz phair and name-checks laura borealis...
("90lb junkie", the original popularity
 contest version, is also on the prizewinner
 compilation cassette.)


they played "cott", "radio blaster", and
"french inhale" from smart bomb, and a bunch
of newer stuff.  and they broke strings and
destroyed a monitor amp.  and ian did a leg
kick as high as his head.  and chris murphy
stagedove.  this is not interesting unless
you are aware that the oasis stage is about
one foot off the floor.  rob kept saying how
tense he was, so the other members kept
trying to do things to make him chill out.
nothing worked, but it made for an
entertaining set.  :-)


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