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sloan photos - EXCLUSIVE ;)

Hey kids,

Yeah, so before spring break I had mentioned something about these sloan 
photos I have. So here's the deal. If you want copies of them, then you 
have to mail me the money first. I would love to just send them off and 
hope you'd pay me, but I'm still waiting money from some people for my 
zine and these photo places do charge a lot. 

My address is....

    #703 617-15 avenue, S.W.
    Calgary, AB  
    T2R 0R4
    Canada, eh??

Um, different places charge different amounts. If anyone knows a great 
cheap photo chain I might have missed, email me. Email me and we'll talk 
cash and about what photos you want. The first batch are from fall 1993 
and are all outside and very silly. The second batch are kinda lame 
except for about five or six. 

I apologize for taking up mailbox space for those of you not interested. 
Please email me not the list for details.

Oh, and pop on by to the ET_etc list once in a while and hear about the 
cool COW rock scene (yeah, that would be Calgary...yeesh) And don't 
forget L'il Orton is s'posed to be on MUCHEAST interviewing Alberta's own 
George Fox... :) :) :) 

Thrush Hermit/Preppy Relatives reviews?

check you all later,
T A R A  L E E