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Re:Mike's ECB contest

On Thu, 9 Mar 1995, Michael Damian Catano wrote:

> who's your mostest favoritest ecb (east coat band)?

              Eric's Trip

              Followed close by: Sloan, Thrush Hermit, any ET 
              sideprojects, Raging Goat Sufers, Union Jack Squat
> what's the greatest record (full length or otherwise) by an ecb?

             Eric'c Trip - Gordon Street Haunting
Runners up: Sloan -   Smeared, 2XGone, Pep.
            T Hermit- Nobody Famous, John Boomer   
            Essen -   Truckasaurusep             (imagine that Mike:)          
            Infra Dig-Broken Promises  

> what's the best song to ever come out of the east?

            Present Fav: Sick,  Rebecca West (fiddleless Version:) 
            Frist Fav : Hill of Broken Promises. Infra Dig
            Never get tired of:  Warmgirl, Eric's Trip 

> what do you think is the best quote by an east coast rocker?

Refering to Underwhelmed Nov 1992
 When asked " What kind of state were you guys in you wrote this one?"

 Patrick " It was Chris that wrote it, he was just getting off his really
           bad smack habit, and he was in love with this girl, his teacher 
           actually. No, I don't know!"

"Wayne is at Paul's house, but Paul is not home."  Mark Guadet
> just reply away, and maybe (if i'm keen) i'll post the results of my 
> impromptu contest.

Contest, does this mean there is a prize?? What do I win:)


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