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Re: a question that all can enjoy =) (fwd)


This is just part of stuff I sent to Mikey dear about his little on the 
spot poll. I keep getting asked why my zine is called JOEY JOEY. Well, 
now you *all* can know. :) :)

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album ---> Eric's Trip - The Gordon Street Haunting EP

 .....hands down, no contest here...

song ----> `Rescue Us From Boredom' - superfriendz (a fave of tara's 
 `I am the cancer' - sloan `Your always right' - Eric's trip

> what do you think is the best quote by an east coast rocker?

"That's right, I'm the fat one." - Chris Murphy 

    (Joey Joey #2, currently in the making....)

Hee hee....

Actually, here's a good one from Patrick Pentland that I have a special 
place in my heart for...

"When Chris was playing that song {Coax Me}, when we were fooling around 
writing it, I was like, `What the hell are you saying?' And he said 
`Cajole me,' and was all embarrassed. I told him `You can't put that into 
a rock song. That's ridiculous.' But it stayed, and it's kinda cool. 
Although Andrew's mother thought the song was called `Joey Joey'. Not 
everyone gets it."

   (from VOX, Sept. 1994, `Get yer yeah-yeahs out: sloan push the rock 
envelope, as it were' by James Martin)

There ya have it. Thrilling, eh? :)
Special thanks goes out to Nina, Hua, D'arcy, Catano, and of course Hugh ;) 
for mail treats. *hugs* all around.

fabulous dj babe TARA LEE
ps/didja hear the story behind ffiction (that's Fuhfiction according to 
chris murphy.... ;)  )

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