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Re: motes

On Fri, 10 Mar 1995, DAVID POUND wrote:

> What is this about Catano arguing with a girl about the rules if rock on 
> the Motes tape?

the intro to the second side is an excerpt from a phone converstaion i 
had over the air at CKDU during my show with some girl name lorraine.  
she called up to complain about me dissing pearl jam - saying that it was 
the "cool" thing to do, and accusing me of being the type to "like them 
when the last album came out, 'cause it was cool to like pearl jam then". 
she was dumb beyond belief, and i had a nice little argument with her.  
my girlfreind said i was mean.  anyways, the little snippet goes 
something like this:

me: what i'm saying is that if you're going to say something, you should 
at least live up to it.

her: but rock and roll doesn't have any rules

me: that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard in my life.  of course it 
has rules, sure they may be unwritten, but they exist.

her: no.  so you're a conformist.

me: i guess so.  i guess i'm a big dumb conformist, and i don't know 
nothin' 'bout nobody.

it breaks into "the end of me" at this point.


ps - they have a couple copies of "gesner" down at sam's on barrington.