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Re: east coast vs. beast host, and volumes o' mail


yesterday, i admit, i was cranky.
but, i wasn't the only one thinking that, about the commentary of joe clark.
i can assure you of that.
but, i was the only to say something about it.

it's not the first time you say something about the spelling and grammar of
the sloannetter. As a french speaking person, i allways knew, that
one day or the other you would fall on me on that. cause, yes my "spelling
is atrocious (sp? again) ".and i damnly knows it. usely i have a dict. beside
me to help me, yester i didn't had one. even when i have one i don't allways
check in it. And for the grammar and synthax, well i'm deffenitivly
bad as hell with that.
i don't want to take three hours to write my messages though. That, would
be a lie of who i really am. if you want to know what i beleive
onto that subject, please, if you still have it in your archive, read
what i wrote in an old message about the mispelled title "les ami(e)s du
sloan" and the freedom of the artist.
it doesn't have great subtleleties (that sp?? pisse me off too, but i still
haven't ny dict. with me ) in it but it has a glance of what i think.
actualy, i'm confined to unsubtle messages because my thin knowledge
of English. although, i'm shure, as an higher educated one, that you know
that most of the people in Canada knows alot less in the two official
languages than allready knows.
As someone who love so much the tongue of shakespear(sp??again) i think
that you should salute this efforts. Cause it is an effort. i don't
need to speak or write english. i can easely live through this life
without ever saying a fucking word in english.
i do it because i want to.
i do it because i love peoples who speaks it.
also, because i LOVE to learn and experience the wide world that i live in.

yesterday, i surely was a little too "butthead". but, i still do stick
to my opinions about joe clark. i know i was right. again, i'm not
the only one who think that.
i was tense because of a big exam i had today, and all the studying around it.
everything's cool now as i truly aced that bitch (talkin' 'bout the exam

i would have appreciated to have met you on a more pleasant day.
actualy, i'm leaving for the Atlantics tomorow. i'll be there for a week.
if you want to talk about the lack of grammar respect on internet, the
ways of expressing ones opinions through the different medias or anything
more subtle and of higher intellect, i would be honored (sp??yuk.) to
be your guest.


yAn Raymond

p.s.: yan, is not oriental, "mais plutot" Briton (Breton).
it is translation of Ian in gaelic
                     john in English
                     jean in frensh
                     juan in spannish
                     johan in scandinavian
  what you said did however sound racist. but i couln't careless about
that. c'est la vie!