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Re: east coast vs. beast host, and volumes o' mail

}yesterday, i admit, i was cranky.

Hey, moi aussi!  I don't normally flame people.

}but, i wasn't the only one thinking that, about the commentary of joe clark.
}i can assure you of that.
}but, i was the only to say something about it.

And I agree, it could certainly have been offensive, but I didn't see it 
as such.

}it's not the first time you say something about the spelling and grammar of
}the sloannetter. As a french speaking person, i allways knew, that
}one day or the other you would fall on me on that. cause, yes my "spelling
}is atrocious (sp? again) ".and i damnly knows it.

And I would never fault you for it because I realize that this is not your 
native tongue (regardless of what it may be).  I only find fault with 
people who somehow reach university without having developed an 
understanding of their *own* language.  And I don't always know whether to 
fault the student or the school system.

}i don't want to take three hours to write my messages though. That, would
}be a lie of who i really am.

And I respect that.

}what i wrote in an old message about the mispelled title "les ami(e)s du
}sloan" and the freedom of the artist.

Which I also respect.  I know enough about the english language to know 
that it is far from stagnant, that it in fact grows by something like a 
hundred words a year and that the way words are used, spoken, and 
even spelled has changed immensely since the time of Shakespeare.  Nor 
would I want the language to be rigid and unchanging.  But I think that 
the artist must understand the tongue before he can shape and alter it 

}it doesn't have great subtleleties (that sp?? pisse me off too, but i still
}haven't ny dict. with me ) in it but it has a glance of what i think.

Which is the whole purpose of language.  To communicate.  And I think that 
you manage to do that effectively without perfect grammar or vocabulary.

}actualy, i'm confined to unsubtle messages because my thin knowledge
}of English. although, i'm shure, as an higher educated one, that you know
}that most of the people in Canada knows alot less in the two official

Oui, ma francais n'est pas parfaite, et je pense que votre Anglais est 
incroyablement mieux.  Si j'espere a ecrire en francais a vous, je pense 
que mes message doit quelques jours pour l'ecrire!  Tu as raison.

}languages than allready knows.
}As someone who love so much the tongue of shakespear(sp??again) i think

Actually, that's how the Bard himself used to spell it, though we write it 
as Shakespeare.  Lord knows why.

}that you should salute this efforts. Cause it is an effort. i don't
}need to speak or write english. i can easely live through this life
}without ever saying a fucking word in english.

And if this country lived up to its bilingual promises, you wouldn't have 

}i do it because i want to.
}i do it because i love peoples who speaks it.
}also, because i LOVE to learn and experience the wide world that i live in.

Me too, which is why I've studied French and German and love languages in 
general.  Now my fiancee is trying to teach me her native Russian.  Help!

}yesterday, i surely was a little too "butthead". but, i still do stick
}to my opinions about joe clark. i know i was right. again, i'm not
}the only one who think that.

And I'm sorry for having cast doubt on that.

}i was tense because of a big exam i had today, and all the studying around it.
}everything's cool now as i truly aced that bitch (talkin' 'bout the exam

Congratulations!  What subject?

}i would have appreciated to have met you on a more pleasant day.
}actualy, i'm leaving for the Atlantics tomorow. i'll be there for a week.
}if you want to talk about the lack of grammar respect on internet, the
}ways of expressing ones opinions through the different medias or anything
}more subtle and of higher intellect, i would be honored (sp??yuk.) to
}be your guest.

Spelled ok for an American, but in Canada it's honoured.  Another 
silliness about spelling that really doesn't need to be picked on.

}yAn Raymond
}p.s.: yan, is not oriental, "mais plutot" Briton (Breton).
}it is translation of Ian in gaelic
}                     john in English
}                     jean in frensh
}                     juan in spannish
}                     johan in scandinavian
}                     etc...

Jan in dutch, like my boss.  I just was never sure which was your first 
name and which was your last.  So I made the wrong assumption.  Had I 
realized you were Monsieur Y. Raymond, I would not have made that error.

}  what you said did however sound racist. but i couln't careless about
}that. c'est la vie!

Well, I didn't wish it to be.  I was merely pointing out that you had 
commented on someone elses inability to understand the language when it 
was obvious that your own understanding was not perfect.  Then again, 
perhaps I just misunderstood you :)