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Re: a question that all can enjoy =)

}> }what do you think is the best quote by an east coast rocker?
}> Another toss-up:
}> "Oh man, I think I'm gonna barf!" -- Chris Murphy
}Explain this one to me if ya would...sounds funny :)

    This was said by CM in the late 80's, pre - Sloan, on a CKDU radio 
comedy show called "The Nantucket Revue" (dumb name).  He, Pat, and my 
brother David were among the cast (but the sloan boys only stayed on for 
the first few episodes).  This was the very first episode, centered 
around the news that two idiot Saint Mary's U students had drugged, 
tortured, and tossed a kitten out their residence window. It survived the 
fall of about 7 stories and had to be put down.  
    Chris was reading a joke commercial for 8-Lives cat food.  
"Recommended for bonehead SMU students who enjoy mutilating God's 
creatures.  Helps your cat survive high-velocity impacts." etc.  In the 
middle of a line, he said the quote.  Then they redid the take.  The 
editors neglected to cut the first take, so it was broadcast that Sunday 
over 50 watts of mammoth power all the way to my home in distant Cole 
Harbour where it was archived for all time.
    I don't know if he was a veggie at the time, or what exactly prompted 
the quote.  He obviously didn't write the material, because the tape 
sounds like a first read.  In fact I suspect my brother wrote it.
    I know Adam's making a tape of this stuff for a Tara but I think it's 
the other one.  Ask him real sweet and he might make you one too :)

}> "Jesus Christ, ya know what i'm talkin' aboat" -- C. M.
}I think I know this one...was this on tv?? :) what a dork he is... ;)

Bingo.  He was just trying to sound like a hick Bluenose.  Great sound 
bite.  Ear to the ground, I think, but CBC anyway.

}> "Paul!" -- Mark Gaudet
}explain gaudet the freak's comment, too, if you would.

It comes from David Letterman's habit of turning to Paul Shaffer for a 
comment on whatever.  On one of the albums there's a backward recording of 
Mark yelling "Paul!"  He habitually does it on stage too.

}> I think you left out best lyric, unless you wanted them to be eligible in 
}> the quote category.
}> "...spinning sad circles under the streetlights..." -- Thrush Hermit 
}> (correct me if I misquoted)
}Choice lyrics! I never thought about that when I emailed Mikey baby. I'll 
}have to think now....

Do you have "Nobody Famous"?  Lucky for you! :)
So how did a Calgarian get so hooked on Codrock, anyway?