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Re: a question that all can enjoy =)

Mike D. asked:

}who's your mostest favoritest ecb (east coat band)?

Eric's Trip

}what's the greatest record (full length or otherwise) by an ecb?

Infra Dig "Broken Promises"

}what's the best song to every [sic] come out of the east?

Toss-up: Barret's Privateers or Like A Pig by Bubaiskul

}what do you think is the best quote by an east coast rocker?

Another toss-up:
"Oh man, I think I'm gonna barf!" -- Chris Murphy
"Jesus Christ, ya know what i'm talkin' aboat" -- C. M.
"I quit my job to go on tour" -- Rob Benvie
"Stupid earplugs!" -- Julie Doiron
"It was actually kind of fun" -- ET voice-over
"...the offending organs are removed..." -- another ET filler
"Paul!" -- Mark Gaudet

I think I'll go with #2, I just wanted to give y'all some food for thought.

I think you left out best lyric, unless you wanted them to be eligible in 
the quote category.

"...spinning sad circles under the streetlights..." -- Thrush Hermit 
(correct me if I misquoted)