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Motes "Gesner" In-depth

The Motes - "Gesner"
Ant Records
"Understanding Space Rock" - strange little ditty with a great 
countryesque lick in there, no singing just this radio recording with a 
man talking about aliens.
"Rotting Corpses or Something"- a great song, sounds like pavement in a 
slight way. Vocals distorted vocals are varied.
"Red Pipe"- very Polvo, vocals are a bit too distorted though short and 
"The Framer"- short song that should be called "The Frama"
"More Ghosts"- this song is a hit, very pavement and very melodic, you'll 
like it trust me...
"Road Song"- same review as "More Ghosts"
"Shanklin Fair"- instrumental ditty very nice
"The End Of Me"- at the beginning is Catano fighting with this girl about 
the rules of rock (classic), crazy song with keyboards
"All Four (Required) Elements"- Mike says this is The Motes most pavement 
sounding song, though I disagree this song is amazing.
"The Secrets Haven't Disappeared"- slow little song, great vocals
"Station(ed)"- Can you say Silver Joos, complete with piano! The Motes 
are wizards!!
"The Final Order"- Wowee Zowee, great instrumental with amazing keyboard 
So there you have it I forgot the name of the 11th track, but it rocks 
anyway. It's on Ant Records 93 Normandy, Truro, Nova Scotia (I forget the 
Postal Code oops) 13 songs, prob 5 bucks. Later, Mark