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Re: east coast vs. beast host, and volumes o' mail

All right, I double checked to make sure this didn't go out to the list, 
because now I've got some digs to put in:

}Date sent:      Thu, 09 Mar 1995 17:13:05 -0500 (EST)
}From:           yAn rAYMond <RAYMONDY\!/VM1.ulaval.ca>
}Subject:        Re: east coast vs. beast host, and volumes o' mail
}To:             Joe Clark <joeclark\!/hookup.net>,
}                E-frieNDs of sLoAn <jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca>

}On Thu, 09 Mar 1995 16:43:50 -0500 you said:
}>>with the reality of there being 160 people on
}>>the net now,
}>... which is not that big. The Tragically Hip list has 750.
}how impressive! i just wish i was subscribe to something that big.

Help yourself.  Subscribe.  Do us a favour, maybe you'll spend more time 
there than here!

}>This is a perennial complaint. Some advice I gave to my lgb-sports subscribers:
}Like we need it...
}(Blah blah technical bullshit blah blah deleted)

Wrong.  Useful technical bullshit since the subject here is how to set up 
a server.

}>The problem here is that Mr. James Covey has to put up with outdated
}>technology and, as a result, is having trouble keeping everyone happy.
}sorry but i don't think that it is realy the problem Mr. Joe Clark.
}you're not getting the picture here. what he talk about...um actualy
}re-read his last message, he surely explain it better than anybody here
}could. maybe it's just that it is not in a language that you understand, Mr.?

Plese don't take this as racist, but you are apparently a Quebec resident 
of Oriental descent, and whatever your first language was I doubt, judging 
form your spelling and grammar, that it was English.  I suspect that Joe 
Clark (assuming that is his real name) understands the language much 
better than you do.

}>Maybe someone out there on HookUp or a comparable service who really knows
}>the Internet ropes could take it over.                        ^^^^^^^^^^^
}That is one of the CHEAPEST thing i ever heard on the sloan net.
}one of the reason why some of us like the sloan net so much is related
}to the great job that our listmanagerboy does. So don't come here
}telling us/him what we/he should do.
}like you did for us, i'm gonna give you a free advice: spend more time
}on your list..

I see nothing cheap about it.  As far as I can tell I've known James longer 
than you and I can assure you that he doesn't know the internet ropes.  
He's an english major, not a computer jock. He does however understand 
Netiquette and shows common sense in his postings. And he knows better than 
to post personal digs and crap like this to all 160 of us.

}and i've been polite.

By whose definition?

}>                                        Joe Clark
}>                                    joeclark\!/hookup.net
}>                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~