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Re: shiny happy people


On Thu, 9 Mar 1995, James R. Covey wrote:

> i think some of you sloannetters are
> in serious need of hugs, and teddy bears,
> and candy kisses, and tiger trap albums.

I am willing to share. I have a few *hugs* left over from this week, so 
take one while you can, everyone. :)

All you crazy Hardship Post fans out there, I need your infinite amounts 
of wisdom today. There's this song they sing, it kinda goes...

    `I'm so young but what do I know, what do I know....'

I saw them perform it on tv and it just knocked my socks off. Where is 
this track from? Anyone? It is sooooooo great... :)

New Superfriendz full length release coming out soon...June/July on 
murderecords. According to Matt Murphy, this release will feature new and 
improved versions of songs found on the *rare* sticktoitiveness cassette, 
plus the By Request 7'' tunes, and of course, some FAB new stuff. Tour 
dates are currently in the makings, but they're looking to head out 
across Canada in April/May/June. Sloan may also be planning a summer 
tour, but nothing is for sure. *shhhhhhhh* (and I mean that :) ) Does anyone 
have news on that Eric's Trip tour this spring/summer?

Oh, and for those sloan netters still feeling a bit...tense, shall we 
say, here are a few fun ideas for today. :) :)

    1) Drive to school/work in reverse. (note: unless you are hugh ;) )
    2) Stare at people through the tines of a fork, pretending they are 
in jail.
    3) Melonball an entire watermelon using a slurpee straw.
    4) Jam 39 tiny marshmallows up your nose and try to sneeze them out.
    5) When someone tells you to have a nice day, tell them you have 
other plans.
and finally....

    6) Tell your boss/prof/teacher/etc. to blow it out his/her mule and 
let him/her figure it out.

Just aiming to relieve a little stress ;)

Love you all,