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Re: Alleged superiority of vinyl

On Thu, 9 Mar 1995, Joe Clark wrote:

> I do however recognize the moral superiority of vinyl and the
incontestible > fact that $20 compact discs represent CORPORATE RAWK.
Like, ack. 

well, $20 12" records represent an even greater offence on the part of 
corporate rawk, IMO.  it seems that all an artist on (ohh let's just 
say...) MERCURY (see how it ALL ties in together...?) has to do is make a 
stink about how they are "returning to their punk rock roots" and 
"releasing their album on *limited edition vinyl*" and all of a sudden 
they are a hit!  STOOPID.

some updates to "jon dacey's official rules of rock":

	-once an artist has "left" punk rock, they may NEVER return.

	-limited edition vinyl is a sham.  it is limited to however many 
people buy it.


see ya,