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Re: Alleged superiority of vinyl

For anyone who cares Live at Five is supposed to have a feature story 
today on the resurgence of vinyl in Halifax.  Like they'll tell us 
anything we don't already know...

And we've had the whole tech discussion before about how digitized music 
doesn't get every last frequency (but not in the way earplugs don't). So 
vinyl really is better if you've got a damn good turntable and you take 
care of your vinyl and you don't mind the hiss and crackle.  I kinda like 
the hiss and crackle.  Robert Johnson sounds weird in digital.  And forget 
cassettes!  The number of tapes I have which got eaten or which fade in and 
out, and tape decks with misaligned heads that you can't balance left and 
right or which play the other track backwards in the background.  And 18-
page inlay cards whose pictures are still too small to enjoy.