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About the monologue in "Before I Do", Darryll S H Hobson
<hobson\!/ee.ualberta.ca> wrote:

  > "so he was in this, this hospital
  >checkin out the phone he misunderstood
  >and I was speakin firm, very talkatively at the time
  >and he was walking around with a dress on
  >totally dressed with, with his arm down
  >and he said, I dunno what I'm doing here
  >I'm a business man
  >he didn't come and tell me
  >they totally misunderstood me you know
  >this is a whole, whole mistake here
  >this is a whole fuckin mistake
  >but I can't explain it and they don't wanna listen to me
  >you know, you know this
  >no they didn't, they didn't listen to me, you can't help it
  >I couldn't explain it, but business is business
  >and then there's fuckin this other time
  >this fucken town, they didn't wanna let me out
  >they didn't wanna let me telephone you directly
  >these bastards, 
  >these bastards stuck me in here and I wanted to talk to my lawyer
  >now I'm totally pissed, man
  >you're the first guy I've met since I, since I got here
  >now what, what should I do?
  >look, maybe you can help me out here
  >maybe you can get me out of here
  >the hell with the girl
  >I don't care who you are
  > I run 10 kilometers a day
  >and they put me down for a nice, nice long stay
  >anyway now I'm here for a while now
  >you know, I'll just have a good time

I thought I picked this up before, and now I'm sure - I've heard something
like that before. On the Change of Heart album "Smile", there's a short track
called "There, You've Gone", which is noisy jamming overtop of a monologue
about some guy in a Swiss mental hospital.
It's not exactly the same, but pretty damn close. So what's the connection
here? Is Andrew a CoH fan, or did that come from somewhere else?