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alright, sloannetters.  TEN-SHUN!!!

quit it with the posts about the tragically hip.
quit it while we're ahead.  we already have been
through that one, and it was partly my fault.  i'm
damn sure not going to let it happen again.  you
want alt.fan.tragically.overhyped, not sloan net.

quit it with the long posts filled with 500 lines
of other posts and then a little added comment
at the end (especially if your name rhymes with
"pee 'n' play".  sorry guy, but you keep doing it!).

i *don't mind* if people post about this thing or
that thing asking for information that is only
tangentially related to the east coast scene.
i *DO mind* when replies are posted to sloan net
as well.  keep discussions of california-based
major labels, and other such things, *off the net*!
you have personal email for that!

in case you're wondering why i'm saying all this,
i'm starting to get those "i'm overwhelmed by 
a flood of email, unsub me" messages again.

btw, i counted quite a few "vote of confidence"
messages on sloan net in the past little while.
if you have nothing more to say than 
"____________ RAWKS!" then *don't say it*!
there's 160 people on this net, if they 
followed your example imagine how many useless
posts a day we'd be getting!  if there's a 
band that you'd like to recommend to people's
attention, by all means do so.  but geez, 
say something about them, like what they're
like, where they're from, whatever...  yeah,
yeah, i know it's like dancing about architecture.

ok, listen, i don't really have specific people
in mind when i say all this (except for ian daye,
my unfortunate victim of this post), i just 
realize that you folks need some reminders from
time to time, and as well there's new people
who maybe don't have a feel for what's kosher.

remember how i promised you all an FAQ back 
around xmas?  well, then i got my job back and
got too busy.  but maybe i'll just do a
"rules of the road" kinda thing for now and
add band information to it later.  'cause we
obviously need one.

and yes, please tell potential subscribers
to send email to *me*, not to the whole 
net!  i'm sure *everyone* will sympathize
with that request...

yr cranky listmanager

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