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Green T Records

3rd indie label?  I assume the first two were Murder and Cinnamon Toast.  
What about NO! records and the countless other indies.  Don't any of them 
count as 'labels'?


                              The Morning Line
                      News And Views From Nova Scotia
Date: 03/08/95
GREEN T ALMOST READY TO ROCK: Green T Records is the third independent
record label to call Halifax home. Green T is the brainchild of Peter Rowan
and Angie Fenwick of Decent Management, which manages such bands as Eric's
Trip, Thrush Hermit and Hardship Post. The idea of Green T is to act as a
stepping stone to a major label record contract. Green T's first release
will come from local rockers Coyote and will be out around the start of
summer. SECOND PRESS  P11
TODAY'S EDITORS: Claudette Germain, Stuart Golfman, Jamie MacDougall, Mark
Mullane, Steve Sutherland
CO-ORDINATOR: Jennifer Partridge

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