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random garble

*cough cough*  i hope the rest of the netters are in better physical 
shape than me...

ok, just a few random ramblings...

- was the jale 'ear to the ground' on this weekend?  i checked through 
  the tv guide a few times and didn't see the program listed

- yes! patty and jay were on ytv news (the advantages of having a sister 
  in her pre-teens...).  they went shopping with the reporter-chick at the 
  good-will store in downtown t.o.  patrick enjoys comfy clothes, while jay 
  strives for a more 'cool and classy' look :)  (no cuir jackets seen)

- in the next few weeks, ytv news will be focusing on hip club groove

- any news about the cbc radio-sloan-concert-broadcast schpeel?

i think that's all that i could think of. oh, one more thing...why does 
cindy play in t.o. when i'm trapped in waterloo? aah!! ah well. c'est la vie.
let's see if sloan can win a juno.