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Re: more codrock, more codtalk

>> }More questions...is Chris Murphy drumming on the Superfriendz cassette or 
>> }the `By Request' 7''? And why *is* he listed as Delivery Boy for Earcandy??
>Well, Mr. Murphy told me he played drums on "their record". Now, as we 
>all now, people still say record when they mean CD or cassette. So, since 
>he is the one who said he played on it, I was just curious as to which 
>one. Unless of course, he was joking. But we all know he would never do 
>that. :)

	Chris plays drums on the "Sticktoitiveness" cassette.  When I saw
them here last fall with Jale, besides blowing me away and signing my copy
of the cassette, they told me that their new drummer is much better.  Hope
Chris doesn't see this.  Can't make out the signature though so I don't
know his name.  (it was the new guy drumming when I saw them).

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