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LYRICS: Peppermint EP

I don't think that anyone's attempted some of the Peppermint songs...  I 
know that James came up with a rendition of "Torn" awhile back.  (can't seem
to find it though)...  

I haven't checked out the Sloan part of the Halifax homepage lately..
which songs still don't have the lyrics up?

Anyhow, here's my attempt at Pretty Voice, Lucky For Me and Torn...
anything that really had me baffled appears in some sort of
bracket-like things...

hack away...

PRETTY VOICE from _Peppermint EP_
you have got such a wonderful chance at
doing something really cool
instead you could be hangin' around with us
well I bet you thought I would say "fool"
no, I 
understand your point 
so don't get your nose out of joint
at the things that I will say to you
in due time
I see you
[going into the feast] ???
[the only girls I know east] ???
so I'll turn my back and leave
on my way
know what to say
you've got such a pretty voice 
no one wants to hear
demand a second choice
to sing your second voice
and to do the things they won't let you do
it happened to work out this way
together for just one day
see you in a week or two
you've got such a pretty voice 
no one wants to hear
sometimes you should shut your mouth
and open up your ears
sometimes it's awfully loud,
usually not clear

LUCKY FOR ME from _Peppermint EP_
congradulations on your deal
I imagine you said the whole spiel
a thousand times so take your time
I'm sure that someone's dying to tell me
even if it isn't you 
but if you want to I'm all ears 
that's why I grow my hair so long
lucky for me
I'm glad you're inspired 
but how come I'm tired
I need a rest so here's a test
are you going to move out west
that would be all I need 
to earn the set of misery
I've collected all my life
all I need is to be your wife
then misery belongs to me
rent it out if you've got a TV
lucky for me
I know how you feel
to know how I feel
I guess the ball is in my court
I suppose you want me to abort
our whole relationship well
<screw you>
'cause I'm not about to
I'm sure that someone's dying to tell you
even if it isn't me
but, if you want me, I'm all yours
that's why I stayed around so long
lucky for me
TORN from _Peppermint EP_
I'm feelin' that I've been torn
what can I do?
I say what you want me to say
but now I've got to say what's true
you give me a word in edge-wise
but sometimes I need more
I'm feelin' that I've been freed
but I don't know what from
I'm certain of what I was
but I don't know what I've become