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NEW MOTES!!!!!!!!

I come home from school today, and there's a knock on my door, and who is 
it but J. Mote himself!  Woo-hoo! he gave me a copy of their new tape 
"gesner" and thanked me for the smashing review in this month's 
earcandy.  yay!!  free tape!!  

in short, it rools.  every single song rocks my f*ckin' world.  i love 
this band.

for those of you who were disappointed with the length of "secret air 
base," fear not, there are a whopping 13 songs on this one.  wow.  
there's even a little soundbite featuring my infamous conversation with 
"lorraine."  what a shock, listening to this rad tape, flipping it to 
side two, and hearting my own voice.  what a compliment *sniff*.  i am 
the happiest little grrrl in the whole wide world.

everybody send your $$$$ to:
	Ant Records
	93 Normandy 
	Truro, NS
	B2N 3J6

this could be your last shot at hearing the motes, as co-mote Jon Hut has 
moved to Ottawa!  please send your cash right away!  these tapes are H-O-T!!

the covers are beautiful as well.

love ya,