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actual east coast music info

hi folks, yr intrepid listmanager here.
i ventured down to murderecords today and
chris and jay were there and chris started
complaining about all the sloan breakup
publicity that was started inadvertently
through sloan net.  he kept making all
these pointed comments about how he can't
say anything around me anymore, 'cause i
might be listening...  so i said, "listen,
you lazy suburban bourgeois artrock poseur
slacker, get the hell out of my face!" and
he said, "alright, you working-class,
social-climbing pretentious cybergeek!" and
then i punched him right in the face and 
he punched me back and we wrestled around
until finally i pinned him and got him to
say "uncle."  

well, not really.


the artist formerly known as "sebastian lippa"
is now to be referred to as "johnnie cox."
i kid you not.  that's how sebastian is
named on the hardship post sub pop debut l.p.
by the way, there's 11 tracks on the record
including the two from their sub pop single
and two versions of "what a day".

now what the hell brought this on?  colin and
chris and jay either didn't know or weren't

by the way, did y'all see stinkin' rich on
mucheast on sunday?  he has a cassette coming
out on murder soon.


p.s. no malice intended by the subject line.

you bastards.

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