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Re: questions

> Drew Lidkea <yu135940\!/YorkU.ca>
> }Has anyone heard or know anything about a record label out of California
> }called Mercury records?  Hey Ottawa kids, this Sat. Radioblaster is coming to
> }the Pit opening for treble charger, go check em' out. Pretty sure it's
> }all-ages. lata, drew
> Well, there's a major label Mercury which is part of Columbia methinks 
> which released such classics as Lick it Up by KISS.  I'm sure you're 
> thinking of some indie label which makes me wonder how they scammed a name 
> that had already been used.  Maybe Mercury is defunct and the name is then 
> available, or maybe 'the man' will very shortly be knocking on the 
> upstarts' door demanding royalties :)
Mercury are not defunct.  They are owned by Polygram.  I doubt that
there is another Mercury records...  BTW:  Kiss is still on this
Label and c'mon Andrew...you of all people should know this...