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more codrock, more codtalk

Hail ye who talk of East Coast rock (`stupid earplugs' {julie} indeed....)

I just got back from my spring break, hoping to see some reaction to the 
plethora of east coast related television this past weekend, but no. So, 
questions galore....

How was jale on Rita? I was busy being dumb and forgetting to watch it, 
so....and how was the Ear to the *ass* thing on them? Was it as lame as 
the sloan one? Lotsa slo mo camera work? :) :)

MUCHmikecampbellhasnoclueEAST still hasn't played HCG's video. Jerks.

And....did anyone out there see certain members of sloan on YTV this 
weekend? Someone (and he knows who he is) told me it was like a two 
minute clip of Patrick buying second hand shirts or something.

OOOH and speaking of sloan...while at the Sebadoh show in Bozeman (a mere 
8 hour one way drive), I managed to record Lou Barlow and myself singing 
a terrible version of `underwhelmed'...TRUE STORY!! Ah, sloan, loved by 
all great american indie rock gods.... :) :)

More questions...is Chris Murphy drumming on the Superfriendz cassette or 
the `By Request' 7''? And why *is* he listed as Delivery Boy for Earcandy??

Trying to stir up a bit of Full On East Coast Rock Talk....

check you all later,

ps/ Terribly late `record review' but it was out of my hands ;) - the 
verdict is in at last. Raleigh Sport, now known as State Champs to their 
legions of fans, do indeed rock the house. :)