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about east-coast music...

earplugs, furnaceface, killjoys.  fascinating, but...

There are a whole lot of things happenning here in our 
neck of the woods which seem to be slipping through the
cracks, so i'll try to spark some discussion here...

Last week Paul Hogan -- formerly of the glutones (they 
released 'ugly 45' on cinnamon toast and have an EP and
are featured on a few compilations) -- rode into Halifax 
with Sloan to do some production work for Plumtree.  
He seemed enthusiastic about what they were working on 
when i spoke to him after the show he played friday at 
the birdland.  

The show, since i don't think it was mentionned here, was
really good.  I like the throwbacks to a surfy yesteryear
which paul coaxes from his guitar.  Hopefully his sound
will complement the direction in which the plumtrees seem
to be heading.  I missed their set, and was too consumed
in consumption to grace Atomic Folk with a fair review.

Also, there are some releases which I have been anxiously 
awaiting for some time.  The rough mix of the new 
superfriendz stuff sounds fantastic.   Rebecca West, who 
have been mixing their album for cinn. toast in Toronto 
with Brendan McGuire (famed for his work with Sloan, Thrush 
Hermit, Al Tuck, etc.) either openned or are going to open 
for elastica at the opera house. (if anybody saw/sees this 
a review would be nice) I'm not certain when Thrush Hermit's 
'albini' recordings are going to be out on murder, but 
they should blow minds if the rumours hold true.  And then 
there's Sloan's 7" coming out soon...what's with the delay?  
Plus Hardship Post's Album is all ready to roll from the 
sub-pop warehouse.

All of this said -- and perhaps i'm just bitter because of my
apparently flagrant, irresponsible, downright cavalier attitude 
when it comes to hearing loss -- let's talk of east coast rock.

mike n.