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Wow! James I can't believe you were not at this show! Where were you? Jon 
and I were very puzzled. Anyway, Lil'Orton put on the best show I have 
seen this year by far. I almost split my tight pants laughing at the 
antics of Lil'orton and his ten cent wings. Highlights were - "Two Eggs"and, 
"Hillbilly Heaven". The hot licks had Jon and I gasping for air, it was 
unreal, it honestly made me want to strap on a telecaster and say to 
Lil'Orton, "show me the way."I think it will be televised (not the whole 
thing!) on Much(crappy)East. Oh yeah, the open act was Piggy! Wow, great 
songs by such a lovable guy. Paul was wearing a dress and looked like my 
great aunt somewhat. He did an amazing song about his cat called "noah", 
where his voice almost reached S.M. potential. yep. 
Later, Mark