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Playing Quiet

Jonathan Dacey <SBAILLY\!/LINDEN.MSVU.CA> noted

}finally someone mentioned something about how bands should do everyone a 
}break and play nice and quiet on stage and blah blah... this isnt how it 

Neither is it what I said...

}stage volume is irrelavent ... ive never played a show where ive had to 
}wear earplugs onstage..basicaly your only turned up loud enough to 
}hear each other

I've sat beside/behind stages before.  I know this.  In fact it's a good 
reason to sit backstage.

}its those bigass speakers out front and the power amps hooked up to them 
}and the evil sound man that turn it up way loud ....

Which is why I requested that the bands convince the sound man to turn it 
down.  I'm well aware that bands have little control over the volume that 
reaches the crowd and I'm also well aware that bands often complain 
onstage about this.  "I'm sorry, the sound must really suck out there".  
That's why I'm saying that anyone can move sliders on an EQ but a real 
soundman should know enough to tailor the sound to suit the room and the 
style of the band and then should be able to set the volume at a rich but 
comfortable level.  Most of them seem to be either tone deaf, brain dead, 
or are constantly wearing headphones and/or earplugs which prevent them 
from actually hearing how the room sounds.

}so basically most bands play pretty quite ...though mike told me a story 
}where he saw erics trip and they were louder on stage then the sound 
}coming out of the big speakers...weird...if anything erics trip probably 
}play at equal volume on stage to what the crowd is hearing which is really 
}unnecassary but they're weird ..probably into crap like "i like to feel 
}the air rushing from my speakers " :) 

I think this has more to do with their habit of switching from soft to 
heavy.  In order to hear each other on the quiet parts they probably are 
turned up pretty loud which results in quite a blast when they hit the