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Re: earplugs

James Covey wrote:

>and catano, are you sure you can judge this frequency
>question just by your experience?  the reason for your
>perception that high frequencies get cut out more 
>might be that certain high frequency noises that you
>listen for aren't as *loud* as some of the lower ones.

Well, I often use earplugs - the foam, 99-cent ones - while playing drums. I
also usually bring them to watch shows, but use them only if the volume
levels are really unpleasant. The reason is that they do alter the sound:
with earplugs on, the high-frequency sounds of cymbals, snare drum, and high
guitar notes are drastically reduced. This can also sometimes be a good
thing, though  - when the mix is poor, or the room is supplying a lot of
reverberations (like the Sloan show at the Warehouse here!) earplugs help you
hear everything more clearly. 
	I don't know how loudly our ears hear hi & low frequencies, but there's no
doubt In my mind that they alter your _perception_ of the sound. Still, I
agree that everyone should use them, anyway. Music's no fun if you're deaf.

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