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Re: old sloan posters

Adam S Rodenhiser <ac768\!/cfn.cs.dal.ca> my presumptuous brother, wrote

}I'd like to correct you, dear brother, on the subject of this collector's 
}item. Since you no longer occupy the room inwich said item is, the poster
}now belongs to ME!!!  It is actually quite cool looking(esp. to a KISSfan)

You may possess said poster, but it doesn't belong to you.  Same as the CD 
player and a substantial fraction of the CDs and cassettes and I suspect 
all of the vinyl which resides in said room.

It's amazing.  You try to raise them in your likeness and when they reach 
adulthood they turn on you.

}There is also another poster.......
}                             CKDU 97.5fm presents....
}     Spike N.,  Sloan, No Damn Fears, Lenard Conan, and Coffee in Madrid
}                                March 9 1991  $5

Yeah, another show I missed.  I deliberately collected posters of great 
shows that I missed so that someday maybe I could lie and say I was there. 
But I'm not a very good liar :)

    But hey, Adam and I were the first to show up at the 00 Gallery gig, 
the original ECMA No-Case, where it is rumoured that Sloan was 
"discovered" by "the man".  Chris turned us away at the door because we 
were like half an hour early and they hadn't even set up yet.  The ceiling 
above the stage was slightly less than seven feet and leaked.  They had 
one lamp and a strobe as a lighting system, the strobe producing a rather 
neat effect when combined with the steady drip from the ceiling.  The room 
was only about 12 feet wide by 30 long, and was profoundly wet.  Someone 
came into the place and started handing out copies of some entertainment 
newspaper, and everyone sat on them rather than reading them.
    Come to think of it, I suppose that was February of '92, less than 2 
weeks after "rock power nite".
    C'mon, everybody.  Share your Sloan memories while the band's still in 
one piece.