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Re: Blood funnelling from ears

On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Joe Clark wrote:

> won't hurt, so you'll enjoy the music more. And BTW, they reduce all sounds
> equally, so don't believe naysayers who say they interfere with hearing
> this frequency or that. (Though, oddly, talking to people standing nearby
> is easier with earplugs... dunno why....) It's moderately nerdy, but safety

being one who wears earplugs all the time (even walking down the street) 
i can safely say that they DO reduce a lot of frequencies more so than 
others, esp. those squishy yellow kind.  the frequencies that get knocked 
off are the upper register sounds (cymbals, giutar solos, metal-boy 
vocals), which is also the area that hearing damage occurs most easily.  
the fact that you don't notice the difference between earplugs and no 
earplugs in terms of registering frequencies, would suggest that you have 
experienced damage to that range already.

dr. mike

> sometimes is.
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