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Re: old sloan posters

On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:
> I have a poster from a gig at The Church which I failed to attend called 
> Rock Power Night with Sloan, Weasel Faced Judge, Leonard Conan, etc.  The 
> graphic is made up entirely of repeated cutouts of Gene Simmons from the 
> Destroyer cover (see the back of CM's bass for details) including a wild 
> spiral pattern made up of repeated applications of his spiked demon boots. 
> A treasured collectible.

I'd like to correct you, dear brother, on the subject of this collector's 
item. Since you no longer occupy the room inwich said item is, the poster
now belongs to ME!!!  It is actually quite cool looking(esp. to a KISSfan)

           "Rock Power Nite; The Greatest Rock Show On Earth"
                     February 8th 1992  $4

There is also another poster.......

                             CKDU 97.5fm presents....
     Spike N.,  Sloan, No Damn Fears, Lenard Conan, and Coffee in Madrid
                                March 9 1991  $5

these really seem to make Sloan seem old, geeezzz I guess it's about
time for them to break up :)

                               Adam "owner of rare Sloan" R.

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