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Re: Blood funnelling from ears

On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Joe Clark wrote:

> Someone else complained about a TOO-LOUD concert recently too. If you wear
> earplugs (even wadded Kleenex will do in a pinch; the disposable foam kind,
> though often YELLOW! or PUCE!, work really well) to a loud concert, (a) you
> won't risk permanent (I mean permanent) hearing loss, and (b) your ears
> won't hurt, so you'll enjoy the music more. And BTW, they reduce all sounds
> equally, so don't believe naysayers who say they interfere with hearing
> this frequency or that. (Though, oddly, talking to people standing nearby
> is easier with earplugs... dunno why....) It's moderately nerdy, but safety
> sometimes is.
>                                         Joe Clark
>                                     joeclark\!/hookup.net

	It's comptetely worth the nerdiness. I went to see a Velocity 
Girl/Archers of Loaf gig in England this summer and forgot to take my 
trusty earplugs. Afterwards, not only was  there an incredible ringing in 
my ears, but it was composed of different sounds. There was a steady 
"pish, pish, pish," like a cymbal, and about four different, distinct 
thrumming notes - a low drone, a high whine and some intermittent 
middling notes. I had a terrible time getting to sleep that night (I had 
caught a cold the weekend before, making it even worse). It lasted for a 
couple of days and I try to be really careful now (my hearing has always 
been selective - I don't want it to be just plain bad). Has anyone else 
had a similar experience with post-concert ear-ringing?

	Just so there's some list relevance...My sister (the one with the 
thing about Rick's ear) was in Minneapolis this weekend. She bought me a 
double 7" from the UK called "From Greer to Eternity." It's got songs by 
six different "girl bands" (on the back it has the slogan - La creme de 
la femme). It's got Lush, Ivy, Splendora, Fuzzy, Solar Race and (list 
content) jale. The jale tune is an alternate version of "Nebulous." I was 
wondering if anyone else had heard about this comp, or the label (Fierce 
Panda Records) or knew anything regarding it? I hadn't heard about it at