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Re: sloan and slayer

Michael Damian Catano <mcatano\!/is.dal.ca> replied to Beth Swetnam's post:

}> does anyone remember when sloan first started out and they had a gig at 
}> the grawood back when the grawoods slogan was, "there's never any cover 
}> at the grawood", and the little gig posters they put up had sloan written 
}> exactly like slayer, in the little pentagram and everything????

I remember the "No Cover Ever" days.  I also remember wicked shows there 
with Sloan and ET.  Hell, I even remember the old Grawood on the third 
floor, and 12 pool tables in the present 'wood space.  I even worked 
there.  Man, my precious blond locks are starting to turn a touch of grey.

}there is a f**kin' hilarious story about that poster, that involves 
            Please, Mike, there are underage kids out there :)

}Thrush Hermit, Sloan and Aimless.  i can't really get into it, but it was 
}aimless (best band from hfx, ever!) who made those posters, and they got 
}the impression that sloan were mad at them, because of this long 
}complicated story, that really isn't very interesting.
}i don't know why i waste your time.

Please Mike, some of us love having our time wasted.  I'd like to at least 
hear this one privately.

I have a poster from a gig at The Church which I failed to attend called 
Rock Power Night with Sloan, Weasel Faced Judge, Leonard Conan, etc.  The 
graphic is made up entirely of repeated cutouts of Gene Simmons from the 
Destroyer cover (see the back of CM's bass for details) including a wild 
spiral pattern made up of repeated applications of his spiked demon boots. 
A treasured collectible.