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E Trip Disco

Off the top of my head, here is an Eric's Trip Discography.....

Eric's Trip

Warmgirl               cass  1992
Belong                 7"
Belong (rerelease)     7"
Peter ep               lp/cass/cd
Julie and the porthole
        to dimentia    7"
Songs About Chris      4 song 7"/6 song cd
Love Tara              lp/cass/cd
warmgirl ep            7"
Gordon Street Haunting 7"/cd/cass??  (i've never seen the tape)
et/sloan split         7"
Forever agin           lp/cass/cd
summershine 45 (Float) 7"

Naked in the marsh     10"
Nevermind the Molluscs 2X7"/cd
Sonic Unyon  ...not if 
     I smell you first cd
Raw energy             cd/cass
C toast ..Trim crusts 
           if desired  cd

Eric's Trip Related..

Broken Girl (Julie)  Dog love pt 2          7"
                     ????? rare tape        tape

Moonsocket (Chris)   Moonsocket             cass
                     Moonsocket(rerelease)  cass
                     sock it to me          cass
                     spaced odd dities      7"

Purple Knight(Mark)  Night of Black Water   7"
                     Naked in the marsh     10"

No explanion(Mark)   2 or 3 tapes           Cass

Elevator To hell(Rick)Sub Pop Album in march  lp only??

Tara's Tape         a tape by Tara (???)    cass         

How's that, any more??
Does this mean I can get put in ffiction ?? :)
   (which is truly excelant, thank's to Shant for bringing me home one
    and thanks to Tara for beining sooooo much of a fan.
    P.S. the pic of pat in the chair is great!!!

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