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It appears that nobody wants to break it to the folks 
out west or those in the states...Sloan's tour will 
not take them outside of Montreal and Ontario.

There, it has been said.  All of the questions left
hanging.  A two week tour.  That's it.

I feel like a bit of a party-pooper for any hopes 
which i might dash with this post, but in the immortal 
words of Jon Bon Jovi (sort of), loving Sloan is like Bad 
Medicine.  If bad medicine is what you need, you might 
have to travel.

err...umm...at least they will be on rita...

I'm surprised nobody mentionned all of the halifaxpopexplosion 
footage that made it onto this week's NewMusic...
Thrush Hermit, Eric's Trip, Rebecca West, Sloan, 
Hardship Post, etc. and the insightful commentary of
halifax rock guru Peter Rowan (decent management) himself...

it also had a great segment on our boyz out west, Moist.

hope this helps/hurts.

Mike  N.