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the rumour, hee hee

Hay all,

For those of you outside of the Calgary area (hmmmmm, that would
be about 99 per cent of sloan netters....) thought you might get
a wee bit of a kick out of this month's editorial in VOX
magazine, the arts and entertainment magazine/programming guide
for CJSW. Basically it's about how silly it is to hail the
internet as the be all end all when in fact most people are just
using it to gossip and "stroke each others egos."  Hee hee, not
here on sloan net, right ;)  So here's the bit I found to be
quite fun (despite the fact that if sloan breaks up I will be

      "And if you want to have some real fun on the Net, go into
a music newsgroup and say Sloan broke up. It's a hoot! Days of
entertainment will follow."
             - Ian Chiclo, VOX editor (and a guy who likes sloan)

For those of you keeping track, superfriendz 'by request' 7'' is
our number two single/demo for the month of January...

Yep, slow as ever....

have a good one,