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Re: CKDU 97.5 FM breaks $45,000!

Fifty watts of mammoth power! <CKDUFM\!/ac.dal.ca> sed:

}Sunday, February 5th, 1995
}Campus/community station makes makes $45,000!

Hey, and 0.055% of that was from me! :)

}"The response has been astounding, people have been coming in off the
}streets to volunteer" said Waye Mason, CKDU Sales Manager. "The level
}of enthusiasm in the community has been tremendous."

Wow, Waye still exists out there, somewhere...

}In fact, the station has found record support this year.  The station
}received over $10,000 in pledges on Thursday alone, leading the staff
}and volunteers to raise the goal-- on Friday-- to $45,000. Later on
}Friday, another record was broke: $1,645 was pledged in an hour and a
}half on "Why We Get Up In the Morning," a show hosted by three high
}school age female programmers.

Uh, is that "The Plumtree Show"?  I thought I heard Amanda (I think that's 
the lead singer's name) on Saturday night at nine while I was parking my 
car and running to catch the play at Neptune (which was not a particularly 
good show: I read Ron Foley MacDonald's review Sunday and for once I agree 
with him on something <shudder>)