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TheHipPlayingThrushHermit ?


	Just something that I scammed from alt.music.canada ............


Hey Everyone,
It's Miro from Cinnamon Toast. I was just wondering if anyone saw the
Change of Heart/Odds/ Tragically Hip show in Moncton, NB. Ian Blurton
(from Change of Heart) said that Geordie said "This is a song by Thrush
Hermit" at that show. Ian wasn't familiar with the Hermit's music so he
didn't know the song... Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know what
song it was? I'd really like to know.


Miro aka The Media Star
Cinnamon Toast Records

PS The Halifax Show was cool. The Metro Centre Shook when the Hip Came
on... but in all honesty, I was there for Change of Heart... What an


	Anybody know about this ? Better yet did someone mention this 
already ? 


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