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Re: non-gender-specific cock rock

On Fri, 10 Feb 1995, Roderick Assfuck wrote:

> Okay, about the Bubaiskull song I Remember Drinking, I've heard it on CKDU
> a few times, so doesn't that mean that they must have recorded/released it
> in some form or other?  ONe of my favorites too.  I asked this about a year

boobeyeskull have a couple of one shot cassettes at skidoo, i think one 
is called "super fragile callow lipstick explicit and atrocious" and it's 
mostly live stuff from a show at the flamingo many moons ago.  it was 
never "released" per se.

> ago, and nobody said anything about it, so I'll ask again, didn't Bubaiskull
> release a tape called "Drive By Suicide"?  I suppose it's long gone by now
> and will never be found by me.  

there are probably a few copies floating around, but you'd be lucky to 
find one.  it was definately NOT a big release, because the band was 
planning to do a full length cargo/ct release cd which had all of the 7" 
material, plus drive by suicide and some unreleased studio stuff.  but 
then they broke up.

shitty, eh?


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