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The last place I saw copies of driveby suicide for sale was almost a 
yr ago at rotate this in TO...I doubt they have any left but it might be 
worth a try. I could make a copy for anyone interested (actually the 
Dartmouth library has one in its young adult section for those in 
metro...evidence that the evil influence of bubaiskull continues to corrupt 
our young (I actually saw a band attempt an acoustic cover of "the 
hum" at a hfx coffee shop last weekend! :) )......................kat

PS Mark Wieman of Seattle...I lost yr address & want to thank you for yr 
zine...please write...
PPS metro folks: Roach & Thruster are playing cafe ole tonight (some of the 
elderly among us may remember J. Vine of roach as the lead singer of 
dartmouth hardcore band system overload circa 86/87...roach sound a little 
more like the jesus & mary chain?...fredericton folks agree/disagree?) 

 "I'd like to take this opportunity to urge you all...to buy me a beer...
  buy me a beer (beer,beer,beer...)" -derek,hip club groove (superfriendz
                 ^reverb              special guests at the birdland sat
                                      night ckdu benefit)