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Re: Breaking up?

On Sun, 12 Feb 1995 ctroderi\!/undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca wrote:

> To anyone who knows,
> What's the deal with Sloan and their contract.  Have they broken up or what?
> I heard they werer still together but want to get out of the Geffen Records
> contract. If anyone knows anything, please respond.
> Thanks.

according to mister christopher m. murphy, sloan still haven't officially 
decided what to do about "band related matters". he still says they'll 
keep going for now and wait it out possibly either till the summer or 
maybe the end of the two week jaunt across ontario and montreal. it's 
still up in the air, kids. this is what i found out from chris as we 
walked to the gas station after the "sloan-a-bago" ran out of gas going 
uphill in downtown halifax. he also said that they'll have new shirts for 
all of you who are going to shows. anyone remember the very first sloan 
"fitness badge" shirts? (i do, i do! -the intrusive kat) gee...i've a 
sudden urge for a stick of trident before i go to bed. anyhow, sorry to 
open the same old can of worms again, but there you go. 
g'night all...shanqopopopopo ("shant:)")