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I would like to thank all the people and bands who came to the no-cases in
Sydney over the past weekend. We had a total of 18 bands donate their time
and talent to something that shows whatbeing in a band is all
about...playing in front of super-cool crowds and hanging out with the fans
afterwards. The lineups were amazing...
We started on Thursday night...a brave move being a school night and all...
we featured Hip Club Groove, Shane Brown Fan Club, Tilted and Autumn
Pilgrimm. The A&R people who showed up were impressed with all the bands,
particularlt A.P. who were approached by no less than 5 labels...kudos for
a great job...and good luck in the future...
Friday night was PACKED!!! With a sold out crowd we were inticed to the
likes of Julia's Rain, Smiling Uniks, Hedge, Drive, Plumtree, Stinkin'
Rich. To all who didin't go ...maybe reconsider next itme...this was one of
the best weekends for music in a long time....Oh yeah, Charlie from the
Uniks was F**king incredible on stage...breaking 3 strings on the guitar
and remained unphased...hope your hand gets better...
Saturday night remains something of a special moment for me...
With a line up of Superfriendz,Booming Airplanes,Stranger to Julian,
Rebecca West, Sunfish, Shine Factory and Potmaster... I think this was the
best one-night show ever....All the bands on all three nights gave us hell
and then took it back with simply startling performances...
The band that impressed me the most, or at least stuck out the most, was
Potmaster from NFLD...This four-piece composed of two former bands (one
being potbelly) were an incredible act, i only wish that more people had
hung around, as they played late Sat. night and everyone was exhausted from
the three days...
We had moshing up to our ying-yang....stage diving and ggenergal controlled
chaos, no serious injuries, acts of violence or otherwise...
With the cost only being 5 bucks a show (or all three for $12) there was a
large number of people from all walks of musical tastes, which was nice to
see as so many shows end up being all either high school students with a
craving to mosh, or another end of the scale, but never all combined...
Most of all, I was glad to see the A&R people come to the shows when they 
originally had come to see the ECMA showcases...they showed great class in
coming to the shows, showing interest, and leaving with a smile on their
faces...maybe people will now realize there is a REAL MUSIC SCENE brewing
here in good ol' Cape Breton, and won't think of us as fiddle playing grant
workers.... Stay Cool...Talk Hard
Ian Daye
P.S.> Thanx again to all the bands, fans and volunteers who never get
enough credit....