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RE: Dale on ECMA's

In message Mon, 13 Feb 1995 12:12:03 -0400 (AST),
  Mark Kenneth Mullane <mullanem\!/is.dal.ca>  writes:

> I think Dale said it all when he said "there are no fiddles in our band,
> sorry." while excepting Eric's Trip's alternative award. I won't say
> anything else about any other bands that played on the show or won
> awards. They were all horrible.
> later, mark
they were not ALL horrible....what about Eagle Feather, they were the most
impressive band of the night...Lizband was very dissapointing, Ashley
MacIssac...fiddle and all...was electric on stage and the crowd was really
moving, young and old... I agree that it seemed like every band had a
fiddle with them, and it was annoying at times, but in the right amounts
they were cool...oh yeah, what about Holly Cole? Her voice goes right
through me...a true east coast performer....