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RE: Dale on ECMA's

Since when is Ashley MacIsaac anymore of an "East Coast Performer" than 
hip club groove"?  Who says that celtic rock music is any more "maritime" 
than hip hop?  the Maritimes have some of the richest cultural diversity 
in the world, and it's pretty sad that a select group of middle class 
white people have constructed the myth that the marutimes are in some way 
"celtic" or "scottish".  It's a lie ... NS was "discovered" by the french 
and then captured by the british.  Africans and morrocans built the damn 
place and the germans farmed it.  the scottish settled in the highlands 
and played golf or something - how does that entitle them to more than 
anyone else?  and what about the natives who lived here for thousands of 
years before we stuck our noses into their business?  

besides the concerns of the ECMA that the "traditional" maritime music is 
being forgotten in favour of more current trends are ludicrous.  it's 
apples and oranges!  I know very few people who are really into sloan and 
eric's trip, but really like to rawk out to the Barra Macneils as well.  
It makes no sense.

another thing - why is sarah maclachlan (sp?) even dominated for 
anything?!  she hasn't lived here for years. never really done anything 
to further the profile of maritime music, and bailed out of here at the 
first chance she got.  she is not an east coast performer, in any sense 
of the word.

just to sum it all up, the ECMA's are an antiquated, corrupted, facist 
and oppresive blight on the cultural history of this fair region of 
ours.  until they actually fullfill their mandate and promote and attemot 
to further the cause of ALL east coast performers world wide i will 
continue to beleive this, and i expect that thgat will be for a LONG time.

and just for the record, holly cole is a show-off performer of limited 
talent who uses her songs as vehicles to demonstrate her technical 
ability.  she's not a very tastefull performer, and as a result, a poor 
jazz musician.  

audi 500, g.