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Subject: sloan \!/ peterborough
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Well...I just got back from sloan's first show of the tour...I was rather 
impressed...Hip Club Groove opened (I'd never heard them before) and I 
imagine they put on a good show for hip hop fans....the highlight was 
their adlibbed song about the drunk guy in the tuque in the front row...

onto sloan...they played a variety of songs...from both albums...plus 
pillowfight, some "Embassy Five" song...whatever that hell that is..., 
and one of the songs off of their new single (I think it was stood up but 
I'm not sure...it was great whatever it was..)  I was impressed...they 
included 2 seater ("we haven't played this song in almost 2 years...") 
and loosens ("we'll play this one for patrick...we didn't play it at all 
on the last tour")........they "would" have played smother if they 
remembered it :)...

anyway....I finally bought the superfriendz 7" and inside was the update 
list for murderecords....the new sloan single will be available late feb 
and includes Stood Up and Same Old Flame....the price on 7"'s just went 
up to $5.50 'cause "the postmaster is killin' us".......