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ECMA's and Rebecca West

Here is part of the Daily News Acticle on the ECMA's
It might give an reason for the guy saying sorry about the 
lack of a fiddle in Eric's Trip.

by David Rodenhiser

   Later, Club Capri presented a roster of bands with a more aggressive
   edge. Yarmouth's Purple Helmets tore up the stage, and then P.E.I.'s
   Roy Johnstone kept the crowd jumping with his rollicking fiddle-led
   But the audience's mood made a sudden and unexpected U-turn when the
   alternative trio Rebecca West took the stage. In Halifax, Rebecca West
   is one of the hottest acts going, but in Sydney the group went over
   like the proverbial lead balloon.
   The band felt the crowd's dead vibe by the end of its first song.
   Vocalist/guitarist Allison Outhit sarcastically apologized, saying the
   band had lost its fiddle player earlier that day. Even the band's
   indie hit, Sick, didn't create a stir.
   Eventually, Outhit decided to throw in the towel, saying the band
   would cut short its set because the members "felt tired after our long
    With that, the band blasted into a frenzied, angry grunge jam, with
   bassist Stephen Outhit attacking his instrument with a butterknife.
   The crowd was glad to see the band go, but EMI representative Barry
   Kent later commented that Rebecca West's hostile farewell number
   "electrified him." Me too.
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